5 Effective Ways To Get Over Jet Lag


“This is your captain speaking; we have touched down in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal; thank you for flying with Qantas.” 🦘

The excitement begins to course through your veins as you scramble to retrieve your carry on luggage from the overhead storage. 🧳

Phone - Check

Wallet - Check

Bag - Check

After what felt like hours of waiting for the rest of the plane to gather their things, you finally step off the plane. ⏱

You’re full of energy and nervous excitement; you’ve had this planned for months. 🗓

Let the adventure begin!” you think to yourself. 🤩

Hang on a second... 🤔

Something isn't right,

Where’s the sun? 🌤

You look down at your phone, and it reads:

12:02 pm (Sydney). 🕛

“Uh oh” - 😧

As you update your clock timezone to Portugal, you notice the time swiftly adjusts: 

3:02 am (Portugal) 🕒


When travelling to a different timezone that shifts more than two hours, jet lag is an expected companion.

Swapping our day and night cycles can really mess up our Circadian rhythm, creating quite an unpleasant tourist experience.

We’ve gone ahead and put together:

7 Highly Effective Ways To Combat Jet Lag

1. Prepare a few days ahead of departure 🗓

This could mean making minor adjustments to your daily routine, like heading to bed earlier or waking up a little later? Adjust your clocks to match the planned destination and make adjustments to your routine to suit your future timezone.

2. Try to sleep on the plane if its nighttime at your planned destination 😴

Use earplugs, headphones, eye masks, melatonin, neck pillows, or anything that will help you block out external disruption. If it’s daytime where you’re headed, try and resist the urge to sleep altogether.

3. Drink plenty of water 💧

Stay hydrated during and after your flight to combat the dehydrating effects of the plane cabin, as dehydration can worsen jet lag symptoms. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as these may further dehydrate you or affect your ability to sleep.

4. Arrive a few days earlier ✈️

If you’re heading overseas for something that requires you to be in top form, maybe a wedding or meeting, try to arrive a few days earlier to allow your body to adjust.

5. Get plenty of rest before your trip 🤗

Starting out sleep-deprived only makes jet lag symptoms exacerbated. Try to get plenty of rest so that you’re not tempted to sleep upon arrival, especially if you arrive in the morning of your new time zone.

Additionally, it may be a good idea to book flights scheduled to arrive close to nighttime at your planned destination.

This’ll allow you to collect your bags, get to your accommodation, and have some food before heading off to bed at an appropriate time, ready to start fresh in the morning.

We’re curious to know, do you have any jet lag tips? 🤓

We’d love to hear them!

Let us know by dropping a comment below. 😊 

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