How to Clone a SIM Card?

SIM cards primarily authenticate phone numbers through ICCID numbers. They also have a small microcontroller that stores resources like PINs, keys, identifiers, and more. 

Your SIM card helps transmit signals between a network tower and your phone. The IMSI number on your mobile phone and the ICCID number help you track your network usage. So, if you want to use your SIM in another phone, you’ll need to get another SIM or clone your original. 

How do I clone a SIM card? Let’s look at ways through which you can duplicate your SIM card. 

Using SIM Cloning Tools 

One of the most effective ways to clone a SIM card is to use a cloning tool. You also need to buy a SIM card clone device, download a SIM card reader, and purchase a SIM firmware reader. 

The SIM cloning tool helps to uncover hidden or deleted information on your phone. Uncovering the data helps to provide evidence in criminal cases. The tool helps to generate comprehensive details in a single click. 

That’s why investigation agencies around the globe employ these methods to gather proof like contacts, messages, photos, call history, and more. 

Which SIM Cards Can Be Cloned?

SIM cloning can also act as a backup in case you lose your mobile phone or if someone steals it. However, not all SIM cards can be easily cloned. Let’s categorize the cards that can be cloned easily. 

COMP123V1 is a SIM card type that can be easily cloned. However, if you have a COMP128V2 SIM card, it cannot be easily cloned because it comes with secure firmware, making the cloning process complex. 

However, if you still want to clone it, you’ll need to use programmable cards.

sim and cloning

Using Programmable Cards 

You’ll need to have the following components to clone a SIM card through programmable cards: 

  • Blank SIM programmable card 
  • SIM firmware writer 
  • Reading software 
  • The original SIM (for at least 30 minutes). 

This method involves configuring the software to clone the SIM card and connecting it to the SIM card reader. You then run the IMSI search and look for the KI number. Write down the number that appears on the screen. 

You then use software to write these numbers on a blank SIM card, after which the cloned SIM will be ready to use. 

Using the IMSI and KI Numbers

KI is the key that authenticates a subscriber to an operator. The authentication process helps to see if the IMSI number and other SIM information are correct. 

You have to copy the IMSI and KI codes to the new SIM card to make your cloned SIM work. These two codes help program a blank SIM and trick network operators into thinking that the cloned SIM card is original. 

Follow these steps to clone a SIM card using IMSI and KI numbers:

  1. Remove your SIM card and copy the IMSI number printed on it. 
  2. Insert the SIM card reader in the SIM card slot. 
  3. Connect the SIM to the SIM card reader and a computer to copy the contents.

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