We're Back! Simify's Story And What's Next

Things have been quiet without Aussie travellers going overseas.

We've taken some time to think about the future of Simify and with international travel slowly opening up, we have decided to rebuild Simify.

We want you to be a part of the journey!

Something we learned early was that we wouldn't be anything without the support and loyalty of our customers and a big part of moving forward is giving back to our community of travellers.

So, we started the Simify Youtube channel!

Travel is slowly coming back, and travellers all around the world are keen to get back out into the world again. 

But, there's still a lot of uncertainty and confusion around restrictions, exemptions and which countries are safe.

We will be making weekly videos.

The mission of the channel is to be more in touch with our community and to provide value by helping travellers navigate this new world of covid and travel.

We will be covering things like:

  • How to get travel exemptions 
  • What countries are safe to travel to
  • Complete guides on how to navigate the ever-changing requirements and restrictions for travel

Again, thank you for being a legend ❤️

If you've happened to stumble across this post, thanks for reading and if you want to stay in tune with travel and Simify, then consider subscribing to our Youtube channel.



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