In 2018, in sunny Sydney, Australia, two best buds decided to kick off an online biz selling travel SIM cards to fellow Aussies looking to roam the globe.

Our Story Kicks Off

So, here’s the scoop: Aidan and I have been best mates for over 10 years. When he mentioned moving to Sydney for a startup gig, I was like, “Heck yes, I’m coming!” We stuffed our cars with our lives and hit the road to the big city, dreaming of freedom and big wins.

2017: A Wild Ride

Dreaming big, we landed in Sydney ready to conquer. We jumped into a startup, working for the grand price of zero dollars, just to soak up all that startup juice. Boy, did we learn—a lot through goof-ups, to be honest. Green as we were, we bumbled through, fueled by hope.

Fast forward a year, and our startup dream crumbled, leaving us flat broke. All our cash went into trying to make it work, and suddenly, we were this close to living out of boxes. Times were tough, but we weren’t ready to throw in the towel.

The Big Pivot

Then, out of the blue, Aidan rings me up one night: “Dude, let’s start our own thing. Travel SIM cards. What say?” I was on the fence at first, but soon got on board.

The game plan was simple:

  1. Whip up a website (clueless? Totally!)
  2. Partner up with a Telco (got connections? Nope.)
  3. Get the word out to travelers (advertising experience? Nuh-uh.)

With our last bits of cash on the line, it was do or die. We cobbled together a website (we definitely looked like a scam), scored a partnership, and launched our first promo.

Our first customer! Thanks John, you legend!

From Zero to Hero

Boom! The promo was a hit. Orders poured in like crazy, and we quickly realized folks were starving for decently priced, reliable data while hopping countries. Big Telco’s roaming fees? A big nope for travelers.

This win was just the beginning. We rode that wave, growing our team and racking up rave reviews. By 2019, we were all in, working non-stop, growing our team, and believing anything was possible.

Our first promotion that took off. We packed orders until our fingers were bleeding!

2020 Hits Hard

Then, 2020 rolled in like a wrecking ball. Travel shut down overnight from ‘you know what’, and our sales tanked to zero. We had to let our amazing team go, which was a brutal kick in the teeth. We packed up our office, thinking, “It’s just for a bit, right?”

The Comeback

Fast forward two years, and travel’s making a massive comeback. We’re talking “travel revenge” big. Our little SIM card biz exploded, with thousands of glowing reviews and a customer base that just won’t quit.

Now, we’re diving into eSIM tech and dreaming of going global. There’s a whole lot more road to travel, but every day we’re thankful for our customers, our team, and this wild ride we’re on.

To All You Dreamers

Here’s our shout-out to you: Put your heart into your work, chase that freedom, and never stop serving your customers. Take those risks, stumble and get back up, because that’s where the real magic happens. Keep dreaming, keep doing, and never ever give up.