Solo Traveling!? 3 Of Our Recommended Tips

Hello Travelers 👋🏻,

How’s your week going so far? Have anything exciting to share or any trips planned? 🤔

It’s been quite hectic here at Simify HQ - there’s been a flu making its way through the office (not COVID, thankfully!). At one point last week, it got so bad that some of us had to resort to using toilet paper as tissues as we went through a severe tissue paper drought. 😅

However, most of us have almost fully recovered and are back on track to being productive again, which is perfect timing as it slowly approaches summer in the Southern Hemisphere. (Queue the influx of Southern Hemisphere travel SIM orders...) ☀️

Yep! 😎

How good is that? The colder days are finally wearing thin down there as colour is steadily being restored to their beautiful flora. In fact - in true southern-hemisphere-start-of-spring spirit, one of our team members went on a plant shopping spree and completely deluged our office space with photosynthetic specimens. ☘️🌿🍃🌱🪴

(It needed it, to be honest, as our office lacked a bit of colour)

Moving on, it feels as though “me” time is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age. In a world where everything is hyperconnected via cloud-based “social” media platforms, it can be pretty easy to lose a sense of self and become numb to the physical world around us. 🌍

Buuuut, it doesn’t always have to be such doom and gloom; there is actually a really easy way to reconnect with yourself, rediscover your independence, and relive your carefree youth. 🥳

How?” You may wonder…

Solo travelling.

Well, just travelling in general, whether with your partner, your family, or a group of friends. 👯‍♀️

But for the sake of today's email topic, solo travelling.

It may seem pretty daunting at first, though, right? But that’s the whole idea behind it, exiting your comfort zone, leaving the pressures and responsibilities of the real world (temporarily) behind, beating your drum of independence and marching towards those places that have always been placed so highly on your bucket list. 🥁

travel sim carribeans

We’ve even put together a little list of 3 of our favourite “Solo Travel” tips:

1. Take It Slow 🐢
Be patient; you’re in a new country, alone. It’s probably going to be pretty daunting initially; take your time to settle in, watch the city function and when you’re ready, get those adventure shoes on.

2. Buy From The Local Grocer 🥬🍅🥕🥒
A homemade spag bol using authentic Italian ingredients from their local grocer, or maybe freshly baked croissants from a small French bakery? Either way, a great way to fully immerse yourself within the culture of a new country is to become a local.

3. Learn A Few Words In The Local Language 🗣
This can make for a great icebreaker and a great way to meet new friends. Making an effort to communicate in the local language is often met with the locals communicating back in English, as English is the second that people learn, which will encourage many locals to want to chat with you.

To be honest, if we weren’t restricted to email format, we could probably come up with a list of 100 different tips and tricks for solo travel (mind you, these would also all apply to travelling in general). But as much as we love chatting with you, that’s all we have time for today. 😭

We will finish with a couple of questions, the first being; Do you have any solo travel tips/recommendations/stories? If so, we’d love to hear them! 🥰

And lastly, What's stopping you from doing what you want to do? A bit of an open-ended question… Maybe this can become a thing - “Question of the day.” 🤓

Enjoy your day and the rest of your week. 🤩

Be safe, and until next time…


Your amigos from Simify 🧡



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