How Many Countries Are There?

The exact number of countries in the world can be somewhat difficult to define, as there are differing opinions on what constitutes a country. However, according to the United Nations, there are currently 195 recognized sovereign states in the world.

What Defines a Country?

The definition of a country can vary depending on who you ask. Some criteria that are often used to define a country include:

  • Recognition by other sovereign states: A country is typically recognized by other countries in the world as an independent and sovereign state.
  • Defined territory: A country has a defined territory with borders that are recognized by other countries.
  • Self-governance: A country has its own government that is responsible for governing its territory and people.
  • Permanent population: A country has a permanent population that lives within its defined borders.

How Many Countries are in Each Continent?

Here is a breakdown of the number of countries in each continent:

  • Africa: 54 countries
  • Asia: 48 countries
  • Europe: 44 countries
  • North America: 23 countries
  • South America: 12 countries
  • Oceania: 14 countries


How to Keep Track of the Countries You've Visited

For travelers who like to keep track of the countries they've visited, there are several tools available to help. Some popular options include:

  • Interactive maps: Websites like NomadMania and TravelSpend allow you to create interactive maps of the countries you've visited and track your travel expenses.
  • Travel journals: Keeping a physical or digital travel journal can be a great way to document your travels and remember the countries you've visited.
  • Social media: Sharing photos and updates on social media can also help you keep track of your travels and the countries you've visited.

Knowing how many countries there are in the world can be useful for travelers, particularly those who like to keep track of the places they've been. While there may be some debate over what constitutes a country, the United Nations currently recognizes 195 sovereign states. By understanding this, travelers can better plan their next adventure and keep track of their travel experiences.

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