7 Tips For Surviving Long Flights

Travelling is the one thing you’d probably find on most people’s bucket lists. ✈️

Discovering new places, experiencing different cultures, and trying exotic foods - are a few of the many reasons we as humans looooove to travel. 😍

However, 14+ hours in a cramped plane seat? Not so enjoyable. 😣

Unfortunately for us as Australians, long flights are almost guaranteed. 😭

For example, from Sydney to Paris, you’re looking at approximately 22 hours up in the air. 🤕

People say it's about the journey, not the destination, buuuuut we’re not exactly sure that applies in this situation. 🤔

You might be asking yourself; "What do I need for a long flight?", or "What are some fun things to do on a plane?"

Well, look no further!

Luckily, through our customers' experiences, we were able to put together:


🥷🏻 The Ultimate Flight Survival Guide 📔


1. Get Your Body Ready

At least 24 hours before your flight, spend some time exercising (assuming you’ve already packed!); go for a walk, head to the gym, do some stretching, and prepare your body to spend the next 24 hours in the sitting position.

2. Charge Up

Make sure all of your devices have been re-juiced (so that you have things to do on a plane of course!). iPads, laptops, kindles, portable chargers. There’s nothing worse than having your in-flight entertainment die on you halfway through your journey.

3. Be The Last To Board The Plane

You never know; your flight might be pretty empty; if this is the case, there's a good chance you can snag an entire row to yourself (pretty handy if you want to sleep!).

4. Always Book The Aisle Seat

Don’t get us wrong, sitting next to the window is pretty cool, especially during landing, but the advantages of an aisle seat definitely outweigh those of the window seat. Being able to stretch your legs and not having to climb over people goes a long way, especially on those long flights!

5. Bring A Pillow And Blanket

If you’re someone looking to sleep during the flight, it's worth bringing a pillow to support your neck and a blanket to keep you nice and cozy, as it can get quite cold in the cabin!

6. Stay Hydrated!

Plane cabins usually have pretty strong air-conditioning, which leads to a rather dry environment; keeping your water intake high will ensure you stay hydrated, increasing mood, energy levels, and cognitive function.

7. Get Comfy

Avoid wearing tight jeans, business shirts, belts, pretty much anything that’ll make you feel constricted, and slip into some loose-fitting t-shirts, tracksuit pants, or maybe even some slippers and get comfy!

Lastly, always make sure you’re packed and prepared at least 24 hours before your flight, and of course, make sure you know what to bring on a long flight.

There’s nothing worse than rushing to fit everything into your suitcase an hour before you leave and then wondering mid-air whether you packed your camera or not.

Try out some of these tips, and let us know in the comments if you have any flying hacks of your own. 😁

Happy and safe travels everyone! 

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