What Is a Nano SIM Card?

If you’ve upgraded your phone after years, be prepared for some changes. New SIM cards are much smaller in size compared to older ones. In fact, most new phones come with a nano SIM card. 

You may think a nano SIM is a smaller version of a micro SIM card, and you’d be right. But that’s not the whole truth. A nano SIM differs from a standard or micro SIM in several ways. Keep reading to learn everything about a nano SIM card. 

What Exactly Is a Nano SIM Card?

A nano SIM is just like any other SIM card, only in a smaller size. It connects your device to your carrier's wireless network and typically measures 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 millimeters, which is tiny compared to standard SIM cards.  

Moreover, a nano SIM is the “fourth form factor” (4FF) or the fourth version of the SIM standard, but it holds the same data. The first version of the standard SIM card, known as the 1FF, is the size of a credit card and has probably never been used or seen by anyone.

A nano SIM only comes with an extra insulating card and the gold contact area that helps prevent electrical shorts. 

How Do I Get a Nano SIM Card? 

Nano SIM cards are the new SIM cards. You can get them from any wireless carrier retailer when you buy a new cellular plan. You can also order them online from a carrier’s store. 

The prices of nano SIMs are also very low. However, they depend on the type of SIM you want to get, such as prepaid or postpaid, and the type of cellular plan you want. 

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Can You Shorten a Standard or Micro SIM Card to Make a Nano SIM? 

Most carrier networks nowadays offer a 3-in-1 SIM card that comes in all three sizes. However, if you've previously owned a micro SIM and want to use it as a nano SIM card, you can cut down the size. But you'll need a sharp pair or a pair of scissors to do that. 

Cutting the extra area may look easy, but there are many instances where people ruin their SIM cards when attempting to cut them on their own. You can avoid this problem by using a nano SIM card stencil and marking the excess part that needs to be trimmed off. 

What Devices Use Nano SIM Cards? 

Any device manufactured in the past four years uses a nano SIM card. For instance, all Apple smartphones launched after iPhone 5 use a nano SIM card. The same goes for Samsung smartphones. Any model newer than the Samsung Galaxy S6 requires a nano SIM card. 

How to Insert a Nano SIM? 

A nano SIM has a designated SIM tray that fits into your device. You will need to use a SIM ejector tool or a paper clip for popping out the tray. Here’s how to pull it out: 

  1. Insert the tool or paperclip in the hole on the side of the tray. 
  2. Press it in lightly.
  3. Slide out the tray. 
  4. Insert your nano SIM to connect to your cellular network.

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