Not Sure Which Way Does Sim Card Go In? Here Are a Few Tips

Inserting a SIM card is no hard job, but it might seem a bit overwhelming if you've never done it before. So, to help you get started, Let's talk about the different types of SIM cards used for devices and how to insert them properly for your device. 

But before we get started, let's discuss a few takeaways. First, you need to make sure your phone is switched off. You also need to make sure you have your SIM ejector tool on hand or a paper clip. Got that? Let's begin. 

Types of SIM Cards 

How your SIM card goes into your device also depends on its size. There are three main types of SIM cards: 

  • Nano
  • Micro
  • Standard. 

A standard SIM isn't used in modern devices because it has a wider border, which increases the card's surface area. 

How to Insert Your SIM Card 

Look for your SIM card tray. It can be on either side of your phone. You will also have to check what SIM card size your device supports. If you're making the SIM transfer from another device, it might be the wrong size. 

Mostly, phones nowadays use a nano SIM instead of a micro SIM. 

Now, eject the SIM card tray. Insert an ejector into the tiny hole next to the tray. You can also improvise with a paper clip. Push the ejector or paper clip in the tiny hole. That should pop the tray out. 

Next, note the position of the tray. Pick your SIM card and align it with the tray, so it properly fits and lies flat. The chip side on the SIM should be facing downwards, while the carrier logo should be upwards. Some trays may even outline the correct position. 

What to Do If Your Device Has Dual SIMs?

If your device supports two SIMs, make sure you insert the SIM into slot 1. However, if you use two SIMs, you can use whichever tray slot you want. 

What to Do After Placing Your SIM?

After you've aligned your SIM card to the tray, make sure it is firmly in place and does not budge. The tray should slide back into the port without resistance. If the tray doesn't slide back smoothly, you'll have to take out the SIM and check if it's lying perfectly flat.

insert a sim card

The Takeaway

If you place the SIM the wrong way, it won't give you any signals, which you'll know when you power on your phone. If you see data bars on your notification, your carrier network is working perfectly fine. 

However, if you don't see the network, or an error for "no service" pops up, you can reinsert your SIM card or switch the aeroplane mode on or off to fix the problem.

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