How To Travel With Your Pet

Good morning Travellers, 🥱

Welcome to November…

It feels like we’re introducing a new month every week at this point. 🤔

Nonetheless, we definitely aren’t complaining now that the days are seeing a lot more sun.  ☀️

We did also have a question for you. 🧐

Are you a cat person or a dog person? 🐶 🐱

We recently engaged in quite the debate here at the SimsDirect HQ; the topic at hand was “can cats be trusted?”. 😂

Although the opinions were pretty evenly split, it felt like the pooch lovers in the office had the slight upper hand. 💪🏻

The key takeaways from the debate were:

  •  Cats are more popular in 91 countries and dogs more popular in 76 countries 🐱
  •  There were 63.4m dog-owning households vs 42.7m cat-owning households in the U.S in 2020 🐶
  •  Dogs have more than double the cortical neurone in the brain than cats, 530m vs 250m 🐶
  •  Dogs’ grooming costs are almost 6 times more expensive than cats’ per year 🐱

Those are pretty interesting statistics; we guess it must come down to an individual's personality traits on whether you prefer a slobbery, energetic bundle of fun, or a relaxed, almost judgemental, fur ball. 🤣

While we’re on the topic, we actually did have some travel-related content, which actually relates to the whole pet debate, well, more so for dogs, but it’s still relevant for cats too. 😁

We bring you:

4 essential tips when travelling with your dog ✈️ 🐶

1. Not investing enough time into carrier training

This is probably the most crucial step in travelling with your pet. It’s essential that your furry friend feels comfortable and safe inside the carrier before flying, especially if it’s your pet's first long-haul flight.


2. Making your dog’s first flight an international one

Think about how draining those 16-hour flights are for humans; now imagine how your pet would feel while locked up inside a compact carrier. For your pooch’s sake, we recommend easing them into the longer flights by introducing them to a few domestic routes before those gruelling overseas trips.


3. Booking a flight with more than one layover

Although it’s tempting to save some extra cash by booking flights with multiple layovers, try to fly direct with your pup whenever possible. Again, they don’t know where they’re going or how long it takes to get there, so the excitement of letting them out of their carrier only to put them back in again can be extremely exhausting on their little bodies.


4. Not exhausting your dog’s energy

As the old saying goes, “a tired dog is a happy dog” try and make it routine to walk them before every flight to ensure an effortless, relaxing journey. The last thing you want is for your dog to be filled with energy, then try to keep them calm, cool, and collected while inside their carrier.


And there you have it! 🤗

We’re curious, have you ever travelled with your dog/cat/fish? We know it’s not extremely common, but we’re interested to know how many of our subscribers have done so. 🤨

Anyways, that’s all for today! 🥰

Enjoy the rest of the day, and we’ll catch you next week. 🗓

Your amigos,

- Simify 🧡


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