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Vietnam SIM Card

Planning a trip to Vietnam?

We don’t blame you!

Vietnam is the absolute place to be if you’re looking for a mix of crazy adventure, bustling cities, ancient culture and days spent sipping a cocktail by the beach.

Bordering Cambodia, Laos and China, Vietnam is full of irresistible charm with a unique history and locals that’ll make you fall in love with the country they call home.

Whether you’re planning to cruise the famous Mekong Delta, explore the world’s largest caves in Phong Nga, dive the coral reefs of Cham Island, hike the unbelievable mountains of Sapa or relax in the coastal city of Da Nang – Vietnam has something for everyone.

In Northern Vietnam you’ll find one of the newest 7 natural wonders of the world: Halong Bay. A place on everyone’s Vietnam itinerary, this UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts around 2,000 limestone islets surrounded by awe-inspiring turquoise water.

Our top recommendations for an unforgettable trip include a multi-day cruise through Halong Bay, watching a kaleidoscope of lanterns light up the ancient town of Hoi An, discovering Vietnam’s war history through the War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh and tackling the famous Ha Giang loop by motorbike.

Not only is the coffee in Vietnam to die for, their local food is sure to leave you with a full belly and a smile on your face. Munch down on a tasty Banh Mi or slurp your way through a bowl of delicious Pho to see what Vietnamese food is really about.

Vietnam SIM Card

Our South East Asia Prepaid Travel SIMs

Whether you’re searching for the best traditional Vietnamese massage, getting directions to the nearest local coffee shop or posting pictures online to make your friends and family jealous, staying connected is a breeze with our affordable, high-speed prepaid travel SIM cards.

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation, so you’ll be connected as soon as you land. No more waiting in painfully long airport lines or scouring the streets looking for a SIM card.

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’ll have an extremely responsive customer support team at your disposal, and you won’t be hit with an extortionate phone bill next month from those pesky roaming charges.

Where can you use our South East Asia travel SIMs?

We have a selection of travel SIM cards for your next Vietnam trip.

Our South East Asia SIM cards will work across Vietnam and feature 6GB for 12 days or 10GB for 30 days.

They’ll also work across a number of other South East Asia countries so you can stay connected wherever your travel plans take you.

Order your prepaid travel SIM today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can dive straight into your Vietnam adventures.

We also recommend visiting Travel Advisories before you take off on your journey.

Happy and safe travels!

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