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Bali SIM Card

Planning a trip to Bali?

We don’t blame you!

Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations for good reason. Its tropical climate, relaxed vibe and welcoming locals will quickly make this place feel like your second home!

An island located in the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is home to towering volcanoes, epic waterfalls, pristine beaches and luscious jungles.

Whether you’re planning to surf world-class waves in Uluwatu, dive the shipwrecks in East Bali, go waterfall hunting in Ubud or relax and party by the beach in Seminyak – Bali has something for everyone.

Our top recommendations for an unforgettable trip include visiting the ancient rice terraces in Central Bali, hiking an active volcano for sunrise, snorkeling with Manta Rays on Nusa Penida and meeting the famous monkeys of Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest. 

High on anyone’s Bali itinerary is also a trip to the Gili Islands – a set of 3 islands accessible by ferry that are the perfect place to relax by the beach, experience island nightlife and snorkel with more turtles than you’ve ever seen!

You’ll also be spoiled for choice when it comes to experiencing local Balinese culture. Join a cooking class to learn how the Balinese make their famous dishes or simply visit a local Warung (restaurant) to satisfy those mie goreng cravings. After all this exploring, don’t forget to indulge yourself with a traditional Balinese massage – you deserve it.

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Our Indonesian Prepaid Travel SIMs

Whether you’re searching for the best nasi goreng in Bali, scoping out some Insta-worthy photo spots or posting pictures online to make your friends and family jealous, staying connected is a breeze with our affordable, high-speed prepaid travel SIM cards.

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation, so you’ll be connected as soon as you land. No more waiting in painfully long airport lines or scouring the streets looking for a SIM card.

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’ll have an extremely responsive customer support team at your disposal, and you won’t be hit with an extortionate phone bill next month from those pesky roaming charges.

Where can you use our Indonesian travel SIMs?

We have a selection of travel SIM cards for your next Bali trip.

Our Indonesia SIM cards will work across Indonesia and feature 6GB for 12 days or 15GB for 30 days.

Planning to visit more places in Asia? We also offer SIM cards for South East Asia and Asia, so you can stay connected wherever your travel plans take you.

Order your prepaid travel SIM today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can dive straight into your Bali adventures.

We also recommend visiting Travel Advisories before you take off on your journey.

Happy and safe travels!

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