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Australia SIM Card

Planning a trip to Australia?

How exciting!

Australia is a country unlike any you’ll find in the world, with wild open spaces, plenty of raw natural beauty, and a population that can’t wait to show you a good time. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Red Centre, there are so many unbelievable places here so don’t be surprised if your Aussie bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer.

When we think Australia, we think kangaroos hopping through the bush, summer nights under the stars, camping among the trees, and exploring pristine beaches. We love the outback towns, the Aussie slang, the beer and barbeques, and the vegemite sandwiches.

Whether you’re planning to road trip the Great Ocean Road with a few friends, search for cuddly koalas on Magnetic Island, beach hop along the coast of Western Australia, or hike the Three Capes Track in Tasmania – Australia has something for everyone.

Our top recommendations for an unforgettable trip include a multi-day sailing trip through the picturesque Whitsundays, a scenic flight over Uluru, a crocodile spotting cruise in Kakadu National Park, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, a session of scuba diving with Great White Sharks in South Australia.

While Australians and Americans might speak the same language, you’ll definitely find some quirky differences here. Aussies like to walk around barefoot, call everyone mate, drive on the wrong side of the road, and occasionally wrestle crocodiles. If you want to fit in with the folks Down Under, remember these words: G’day means hello, servo is slang for petrol station, a barbie is a barbeque, and a thong is a type of shoe.

Australians are known for their meat pies, lamingtons, and vegemite, which all make great snacks. When you’re after something a little fancier, head to a modern Australian restaurant. These places are known for serving up ‘fusion’ food that focuses on local ingredients and sustainable farming.

Australia SIM Card

Our Australia Prepaid Travel SIMs

Whether you’re booking your Whitsundays sailing trip, scoping out some Insta-worthy photo spots or posting pictures online to make your friends and family jealous, staying connected is a breeze with our affordable, high-speed prepaid travel SIM cards.

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation, so you’ll be connected as soon as you land. No more waiting in painfully long airport lines or scouring the streets looking for a SIM card.

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’ll have an Aussie support team at your disposal, and you won’t be hit with an extortionate phone bill next month from those pesky roaming charges.

Order your prepaid travel SIM today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can dive straight into your Australia adventures!


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