Japan eSIM

Japan eSIM

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  • 12 Days
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Japan eSIM

Japan eSIM

  • 10GB
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  • eSIM - Instant Delivery

Japan SIM card | Best Prepaid Travel Data Sim For Tourist

Planning a trip to Japan?

How exciting!

Japan is one of the most unique travel destinations you can think of. From bustling cities that never sleep to peaceful nature experiences, this country does everything to the extreme. There aren’t many countries that offer skiing and scuba diving in warm waters at the same time of the year!

The culture itself attracts curious travellers from all over the world who come to see historical Japanese temples, mighty Sumo Wrestlers, elegant Geishas, and locals who have embraced what is known as Kawaii or “cute” culture. You’ll also want to warm up those vocal cords because a trip to Japan is not complete without a night of soulful karaoke.

Whether you’re planning to recharge your battery with some tranquil forest bathing, explore ancient Japanese culture at one of the many temples or shrines, marvel at the magnificent Mount Fuji or live out your childhood dreams playing real life Mario Kart through the streets of Tokyo – Japan has something for everyone.

Our top recommendations for an unforgettable trip include watching snow monkeys soak in the hot springs of Jigokudani Monkey Park, learning a piece of Japan’s devastating history at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, gaining some serious elevation on a hike through the Japanese Alps and experiencing the local way of life on a walking tour through a traditional Japanese village. 

Don’t forget about the food! Eat your way through Japan by sampling every type of sushi you can find, or warm yourself after a long day of exploring with a tasty bowl of ramen. Finish off with some mochi for dessert –these traditional Japanese rice cakes will really satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.  

japan sim card

Our Japan Prepaid Travel SIMs

Whether you’re searching for the best sushi train in Japan, scoping out some Insta-worthy photo spots or posting pictures online to make your friends and family jealous, staying connected is a breeze with our affordable, high-speed prepaid travel SIM cards.

Our SIM cards come with a 100% money-back guarantee and include hassle-free activation, so you’ll be connected as soon as you land in Asia. No more waiting in painfully long airport lines or scouring the streets looking for a SIM card.

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’ll have an Aussie support team at your disposal, and you won’t be hit with an extortionate phone bill next month from those pesky roaming charges.

Where can you use our Japan travel SIMs?

We have a selection of travel SIM cards for your next Japan trip. 

Our Japan SIM card will work across Japan and features 6GB for 15 days.

Planning to visit more places in Asia? We also offer SIM cards for South East Asia and Asia, so you can stay connected wherever your travel plans take you.

Order your prepaid travel SIM today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can dive straight into your Japan adventures!

We also recommend visiting Travel Advisories before you take off on your journey.

Happy and safe travels!

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